Artist Duo Kat Hagen and Randi Mossing have been staying in Artak350 Residency in Grundarfjörður during the month of January 2023.

Their Exhibition in Artak105 Gallery in Reykjavík is coming up and we want to welcome all of you to the Show!

Life Performance will take place every 30 minutes, every day, during the exhibition.

The Vernissage is on Thursday,  Feb.2nd. 17.00-19.00

Also open on Feb,3rd & 4th, Friday & Saturday, between 14.00-17.00.


Kat’s background is as both a Chartered Architect and Practicing Artist based in Norway.
She works with a visual language originating from I, we, us, and our shared humanity. What
does it mean to be human? Can art create a common consciousness that will strengthen our
interpersonal relationships and contribute to moving society forward in a sustainable way?

Randi Mossing is a Norwegian Actor. Her academic and artistic education is medieval
history, vocal folk-music and morphology. She is a member of the Norwegian Actors’ Equity
Association. Her work in physical theatre is a combination of historical perspective and many
languages and sounds at play. The human voice is her instrument, and often she uses folk
tunes in her acts. In her work in Grundarfjordur, she asks: What if the ocean is the world’s
biggest instrument?


About their work  in Artak350 Residency in Grundarfjordur:

‘’Visual notes’ by Kat Hagen

Kat will share a glimpse into her field work. ‘Keynotes’ from the soundscape have been
juxtaposed with images of the tactile, fixed yet fluid, ever changing dynamics of the
landscape in the creation of a series of ‘Visual Notes’. These notes will form the base of a
large-scale painting/installation when she returns to Norway.
Link to the works:


‘Night in Grundarfjordur’ by Randi Mossing
Randi Mossing will perform a short excerpt from her work: Night In Grundarfjordur.
Mossing’s voice and performance can be attended every hour on the hour, and every half
hour during the opening hours of the Artak105 Gallery.
Night In Grundarfjordur is a one-act play and physical theatre. What if the ocean is the
world’s biggest instrument? It is Randi’s first artistic study of  the sea-women of Iceland. It
is also a deep fascination for the Greenland shark’s life span. The shark can be up to 590
years old. If the shark could talk, what would it say to us?
Night in Grundarfjörður is work in progress written in January 2023.
Web-link to Night In Grundarfjordur will be available from Feb 4th at: