The two artists from the Netherlands will show  the results of their residence at Artak350 in Grundarfjördur during September 2022.

The vernissage is on Thursday the 29th of Oct. at 17.00-19.00

Opening hours with artists present:
Friday 30-09Saturday 01-10Sunday 02-1014.00-17.00.
As a fibre artist, Mariëlle  decided to work with Icelandic wool. Sheep are everywhere
to be  found in the landscape and wool is a high quality natural product.
Mariëlle is inspired by nature and the raw, brute force of the primal Icelandic landscape
 will be the source of her work for the coming years.
As a follow-up she will work at the European Ceramic Work Centre
 right after she returns  to The Netherlands.
 On the Snæfellsnes Peninsula she felted directly on rocks next to small streams.
Mariëlle presents the floor installation “Felting on the Rocks”, wool and found objects
from around the house in Grundarfjödur, drawings and a film
about the outdoor process of felting on the rocks at Snæfellsnes.      Instagram: mariellevandenbergh

Over the last decade or so, Mels’ work centered on (digitally manipulated) photography.

However, he does not really consider himself to be a photographer –

he is happy to work with found footage or whatever images cross his path.
They often end up in large-scale installations,
combined with – for instance – texts or ceramic objects.
The work Mels did during the Artak350 residency has a more personal touch.
The resulting book, Progress, is a kind of diary, a registration of the past months
 of traveling and working in Denmark and Iceland.
It contains short, more or less poetical texts and pictures taken with his old mobile phone.
Progress (50 pp, 31 x 31 cm, edition: 20) is presented and sold at the exhibition.