Gestalistamaður mánaðarins er Adelina Ivan frá Rúmeníu.
Við bjóðum hana hjartanlega velkomna og vonum að hún njóti dvalarinnar. ‘I lok mánaðarins verður sýning með verkum Adelínu og verður viðburðurinn kynntur hér á FB þegar nær dregur.
Our Artist in Residency for the month of May is from Romania and her name is: Adelina Ivan. We welcome her and hope she will enjoy her stay in Grundarfjörður. She will exhibit her artwork in the end of the month and we will post updates on her exhibition here on FB later on.

Her participation in the residency is in collaboration with our partner ARAC (Romanian Contemporary Art Association) from Roumania, part of ARAC ART & RESIDENCY project.

For the next two years  ARTAK350 residency will carry out, in partnership with Anca Poterasu Gallery and ARAC, a large-scale project that aims to expand the local contemporary art scene, through a series of cultural events and artistic residencies.

The main topics of discussion set for the project: climate change, economic and war migration, new technologies, the gallery, and ARAC aims to develop a dialogue about social developments and their perception at the global level.

This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURE Program